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Matthew 10

Posted on: February 8, 2012

Matthew 10:5-6 – Jesus was so not interested in people outside the Jewish faith. At least, not yet. But I guess it was the Jewish religion and its prophesies the was here to fulfill. Everything he says to his disciples in this chapter are very interesting. Strict and important. I like how he basically says, you HAVE to have faith in me – don’t take a bag, don’t take an extra shirt, just go and tell people what I’ve told you. Don’t worry about what to say, because the Spirit will move through you. Don’t worry about getting hurt, because that isn’t important.

Matthew 10:22 was always taken out of context when I grew up. I was told that it meant that if you committed suicide, you would go to hell. That’s so off base.

Verse 27 gives me faith. Sometimes, as a Christian and a theist, you are praying and you become enlightened. You hear things in your heart. It’s supernatural, but you instantly doubt yourself, no matter how logical or reasonable what you believe you’ve heard is. I have a serious problem when people say “God told me XYZ,” because usually you can see right through what they are saying as bullshit. Like when I’ve heard girlfriends say, “God TOLD me that I was going to marry this guy.” Did he now? A) I think you want to marry him, and you want it so bad that it feels right, and you want people to support you. I’ve seen that happen a million times (and 999,999,999 times out of a million, they did not end up marrying that person), and B) Why would go tell you that? That doesn’t seem like something you need to know. Has God told you how many kids you’re going to have? Did he tell you what your job was going to be out of college? Did he tell you when you’re going to die? When I hear people tell me that God told them what’s going to happen, that doesn’t make sense to me, because God doesn’t decide what we’re going to do with our lives – we do. We decide to be good people or bad people every day. We make our life decisions based on various reasons; sometimes those decisions make our lives better and sometimes they make our lives worse.

Verse 31 – I’m worth more than many sparrows? OH THANK GOD. Not many horses or two houses or anything? Ha.

Verses 32-33 – That’s serious. What does acknowledge/deny mean? Just curious.

Verses 34-35 – Isn’t this the same situation that Jesus just talked about in regards to persecution coming? It sounds like there is no safe place.

Verse 37 – I really don’t know anyone who would say they love God MORE THAN their family – but I think the love we have for our families is different than the love we have for Jesus.

Lingering Questions:

  • What did he mean when he talked about acknowledging/denying him?
  • Persecution and people turning on each other… huh?