Confessions of a Questioning Christian


I grew up in a home of “new” Christians. My parents were saved some time shortly before or shortly after my birth. When I was young, we moved from California to rural Midwest. They brought my younger brother and I up in a Christian home – i.e. we went to church every Sunday, went to Sunday School, and went to “Club” (another bible study) on Wednesday nights every week. In the summer, my mom and the mothers of all my friends got together one day a week for another bible study, but luckily they let us kids run around outside for 3-4 hours unsupervised. But we were good Christian kids, so we played games like “Run Away from the Egyptians!” (tag) and “Paul in hiding” (hide and seek). Or “clocking” (that was a game where we stole things from each other without getting caught, but we didn’t want to say “steal” because that’s a sin, so we said “clock” instead).

In high school, I was one of the only “out” Christians in my school. Most of my classmates went to church, but didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They probably found me a little odd at times, but it was a small school and I was popular, so the only real difference between me and my friends was I was proud of going to church and I didn’t drink or go to parties.

College was much the same. I went to a state university, studied political science, and spent a lot of time with church friends and volunteering. However, as I learned more about the world and politics, I started to realize that a lot of what I believed – about life, the bible, and how the latter affected the former – was changing. Somehow, conservative politics had weaved their way into bible interpretation. I dropped the conservative values (at great personal expense, as many friends and relations changed their opinions of me), but I still believe in God. I love Jesus and think he was one of the most radical, amazing people to ever live on Earth. But I feel like I need a fresh, new opportunity to read the Bible. To analyze the words, not just swallow them like prescription medicine.


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